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Computing in the classroom?

Japanese high school classroom

Students will spend one half-day per week for ten weeks in a school with a nominated teacher. They will observe sessions taught by their designated teacher and possibly other teachers. Later they will act somewhat in the role of a teaching assistant, by helping individual pupils who are having difficulties or by working with small groups. They may take ‘hotspots’: brief sessions with the whole class where they explain a technical topic or talk about aspects of university life. They must keep a weekly log of their activities. Each student must also devise a special project in consultation with the teacher and with the module convener. They must then implement and evaluate the project.

Looking for feedback from the makers, and learners of this world on whether this course is going to be of value to me once I complete my degree… Specifically looking for thoughts from those working with the Connected + Blended learning models.

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Means to an end

University of Kent at Sunset

That for me, is what university has always been about. The end hasn’t changed too much either if I’m honest with myself, though I have doubted the means a few times.

A short blog post about why I will be returning to university in autumn, and why I very nearly wasn’t going to.

Happy 25th Birthday, World Wide Web!

The web has become an integral part of all our lives, shaping how we learn, how we connect and how we communicate. Looking ahead, the web is faced with new opportunities and new challenges. As we celebrate its 25th birthday, let’s all take a moment to imagine the future of the open web.

Say a HUGE happy birthday to the web, and do a little remixing at the same time.


Open Education and the Open Web – Day 2

Today is day 2 of the open education week, and an interested question has been asked.

Questions: What do you see as the link between Open Education and the Open Web? Does the former depend on the latter?

I took the time to answer this over on my Year In Industry blog, so go and take a nose… OR join the discussion over on Google +.

The tl;dr for me is that an Open Education does not require the use of the Open Web. But it helps.